FRESH AROMA - Hand & Cuticle Cream 60g

Brand from Japan: FRESH AROMA. For elbow knee heel and keratin care, cuticle and other nail care. Gives luster and moisture to the skin and epidermis, keeping them soft and caring. 100% plant-derived additive-free that you can use with peace of mind! As you apply it every day, your cracked heels will become soft and beautiful. Make nails that are vertically cracked or split horizontally into strong and glossy nails. Care from the stratum corneum of the skin with organic lemon oil, carrot extract, and calendula oil! Lemon: Approach to the luster of nails. Carrot extract: Smooth and moist keratin, moisture. How to use: Take an appropriate amount and apply it to your hands, nails and dead skin cells (heels, etc.).

49EUR :


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